Beehive Community Centre, Bordon, Hampshire

By 4th October 2021 Case Study

In 2020 we were approached by The Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust to help create an area of play which focused on learning about the natural world. With a name like Beehive, the centre provided its own theme and we were able to tailor our products to suit the natural surroundings. This project was all about thinking outside of the box to create something the children would really love, yet encourage natural play.

The Honeycomb Craft Zone allows children of all abilities to gather together to create crayon rubbings using the templates. Designs include: Hedgehog, Fox, Badger & Mouse. Manufactured using HDPE, these templates are durable, hard wearing and safe for children to use. Using this same idea we created the Scavenger Hunt Table which can be tailored to suit its surroundings so the children can find the items shown. This particular Scavenger hunt featured: Pine Cones, Acorn, Sycamore Leaf, Feather, Oak Leaf, Birch Leaf.

Musical instruments and play panels help bring any play area to life. Here we used Flower Chimes and a Petal Drum, which sound great in this natural surrounding. The play panel used here keeps in with the natural theme whilst helping children understand how flowers and Bees need each other. We added a Mini Beast Planter and Mud Kitchen to the area to further enhance the natural play theme. Two Essential benches completed the area, providing a place to rest in between activities.

We finished the project on time and within budget in September 2021 when the children had gone back to school. Our client said It has been a pleasure to work with the Sawscapes Play team again. All of the installers were professional, polite and the site was clear at all times – Fabulous Service!”

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