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4th October 2021

How can we help wildlife this winter?

With winter quickly approaching, we have been thinking about how we can help our furry friends get ready for hibernation and how to help them find food throughout the harsh…
Outdoor Play EquipmentNews
3rd March 2020

Battling Childhood Obesity: Outdoor Play & Outdoor Fitness

The Health survey for England was published in December and I wanted to share some of the statistics with you.                      …
Sawscape Play - playground maintenanceNews
27th January 2020

Preventative Playground Maintenance

We all know that if we look after our belongings they will last much longer.  It’s something we endlessly try to drum into our children as they drag their school…
Sawscape Play - PlanterNews
27th January 2020

Timber Playground Planters

  We are really looking forward to Spring and have started to think about what kinds of flowers we can plant to attract as many different mini beasts as possible. …
Sawscape Play - Outdoor ClassroomNews
27th January 2020

Timber Outdoor Classrooms to enhance Outdoor Learning!

  Puddles, squelching and mud pies.  Just a few of the thing’s children love most.  I know when my own children were little, they were always happiest when covered in…