Rucstall Primary School, Basingstoke, Hampshire

By 10th May 2021 Case Study


In January 2021 we were approached by a local school who required some help in maximising the potential of their playground. This first stage, improving sports facilities, would be the first of a three-year development plan.

Our Multi Goal Sharp Shooter was the perfect product to fulfil their immediate need. It offers a football goal, basketball net and targets for shooting or even throwing practise.

As part of a three-year project to improve the outdoor facilities for the children at Rucstall Primary School, within the first stage we wanted to not only increase the opportunities for active play during recreational periods but to enhance the sporting provision across the school too. After meeting with a variety of different companies, we decided to go for a more natural wooden-style structure to fit with the existing surroundings and Sawscapes Play seemed to be the best fit in terms of what we were looking for.  

 Due to the size of our playground, we opted for two of the timber multi-end goals to run alongside the far edge and to install two permanent basketball posts on the opposite side.  

 The timber multi-end goals have proved incredibly popular with the children and it is great to see the structures used in different ways. Our youngest children enjoy climbing in and out of the targets during break times whilst the children in Key Stage 1 and 2 utilise not only the football goals, but the target holes for aiming and throwing. By far the most popular sport at Rucstall is now basketball and attaching basketball nets to the timber goals has meant we have two full basketball courts for use in PE lessons.

 From the early days of designing through to the final installation, the process has been both efficient and professional. We are delighted with the installation and to sum it up with a quote from a Year 6 pupil, “Break times are just SO much better now!” – Mr Dan Mills, Deputy Headteacher.

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